Community activities day "Let's do it!"

What is the community activities day "Let's do it!"?

It's the day of collective action that has been taking place in different forms all over Estonia since the year 2008. In 2008 people gathered together to clean Estonia from illegal garbage, in 2009 people gathered together to generate good ideas and from 2010-2015 there have been several different actions (Estonian: talgud) all over Estonia. Every community, organization or active citizen decided by themselves what needed to be done and asked other people to join according to that.  

The main purpose of the day is the contribution to the civil society in Estonia by promoting active attitude, strenghtening local communities and supporting the development of local leaders.                 

Let’s do it in 2016

The day will take place on the 7th of May 2016 in the same format as last six years - you are welcome to join!

Preparations begin for annual nationwide cleanup day 


All across the country, preparations for Estonia's annual nationwide Let’s Do It community cleanup day, which will be taking place on May 7, kicked off yesterday.
The cleanup day, called “Teeme Ära” in Estonian, saw the official launch of the project’s planning stages at an event at the Tallinn Seaplane Harbour yesterday, as one of the initiative’s key themes this year, in conjunction with the country’s 2016 Year of Maritime Culture, is water safety. Read moreERR news– Preparations begin for annual nationwide cleanup day.


Let’s do it in 2015

The day of community activities took place on the 2nd of May. The day was really successful - there were 1808 different actions taking place all over Estonia with around 47 000 participants (3,6 % of the inhabitants)! Many Estonians care about their environment and are willing to collaborate. "You do not need to invent a new high-tech tool to change the world. The experience of The Day of Civil Actions shows that there is also no need for tens of thousands of Euros to change Estonian living environment - it is enough to have tens of thousands of Estonians who care," says the initiator of Estonian action, Tarmo Tüür.

The day is also a part of a global event called World Cleanup which is initiated by Estonians. There are already more than 100 countries all over the world that have joined the action. Read more about the cleanup from the website of Let's do it World:!