Safety of water bodies near home

We invite you to map the dangers related to water bodies near home and work together to remove them. Cleaned up banks, fixed footbridges, and guard rails around water bodies make our surroundings safer.

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Nature conservation for everyone

Nature conservation for everyone
Biodiversity is all around us and the well-being of the species surrounding us depends on the choices that we make. You can undertake various jobs to contribute to biodiversity on the collective action day, whether it be creating a meadow flower patch, setting up a composting area, or building nesting boxes for birds.

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Let us notice and provide support

In troubled times, cooperation and sticking together are the best way to strengthen the sense of security. Collective work is a good way to welcome our new neighbours to the community – those who moved to the countryside during the corona pandemic, and also those who were recently forced to flee their war-torn homeland and have reached our country.

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